General information

To get a brief overview of the features implemented, technical background and visions, take a look at the poster presented at the GOR'08


If you simply want to use QSYS as a survey creator and run these surveys with the system, take a look at the editor documentation (currently only available in German)


A document which gives a deeper overview of the software architecture can be taken from here

As reference, consider the class diagrams (thx a lot to Thomas Dierl who created them!) and the doxygen-page (sources included)

AspectJ is used in qsys-core: install ajdt

System Administrators

it is sufficient to deploy the archive within any servlet container (tested with tomcat 5.5. and tomcat 6.0) and generate two configuration files in WEB-INF/classes with the following properties set within:

	PATH=[path_to_root_storage_dir] #change

	DATA_EXPORT_DIR=[data_export_dir] #change
	ADMIN_PW=[admin_pw] #change
	LDAP_URL=[path_to_ldap] #optional
	LDAP_GROUP_PREFIX=[ldap_group_prefix] #optional

build steps

cd to qsys-web/build and run (ANT must be installed to build this way)

latest news

[18/10/08] QSYS is currently prepared for single-sign on capabilities in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg

[31/05/08] demo account created!

[22/05/08] Documentation has been updated!

[05/03/08] QSYS is presented at the GOR (GENERAL ONLINE RESEARCH '08)-conference in March 11 at the University of Hamburg. For detailled information, download the poster

[05/03/08] QSYS 0.8 beta is released! Sourcode as well as binaries can be downloaded at ...