Obtain source code and/or binaries either from this site or visit us at Another outcome of the QSYS-project is an XSLT-framework based on struts called StruXSLT which is also available at sourceforge.

version 0.8 beta

installation steps

important note for planned windows installations!!: make sure that TOMCAT_HOME does not contain any blanks (as is the case for the default installation)

it is sufficient to deploy the archive within any servlet container (tested with tomcat 5.5. and tomcat 6.0) and generate two configuration files in WEB-INF/classes with the following properties set within:

	PATH=[path_to_root_storage_dir] #change

	DATA_EXPORT_DIR=[data_export_dir] #change
	ADMIN_PW=[admin_pw] #change
	LDAP_URL=[path_to_ldap] #optional
	LDAP_GROUP_PREFIX=[ldap_group_prefix] #optional
It should be a priority to also create, und (these files can be left blank)

build steps

cd to qsys-web/build and run (ANT must be installed to build this way)

latest news

[18/10/08] QSYS is currently prepared for single-sign on capabilities in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg

[31/05/08] demo account created!

[22/05/08] Documentation has been updated!

[05/03/08] QSYS is presented at the GOR (GENERAL ONLINE RESEARCH '08)-conference in March 11 at the University of Hamburg. For detailled information, download the poster

[05/03/08] QSYS 0.8 beta is released! Sourcode as well as binaries can be downloaded at ...