If QSYS should be extended in any way, e.g....
  • additional question types
  • additional features/settings for existing question types
  • different layout/style for certain question types
  • different interviewee participation modes
  • ...
please contact us.

latest news

[18/10/08] QSYS is currently prepared for single-sign on capabilities in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg

[31/05/08] demo account created!

[22/05/08] Documentation has been updated!

[05/03/08] QSYS is presented at the GOR (GENERAL ONLINE RESEARCH '08)-conference in March 11 at the University of Hamburg. For detailled information, download the poster

[05/03/08] QSYS 0.8 beta is released! Sourcode as well as binaries can be downloaded at ...